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❝ „And Sam is working with Castiel, actually apart at first. Castiel is not in good shape and would rather not be a burden in Sam’s search for Dean so he’s taking one for the team lying low. It will cause him to go on a journey of his own which will be very personal and have far-reaching impact for the year. ❞

- Can we talk about this? Like, Castiel is in such a bad shape and he clearly needs help, but he doesn’t reach out because he doesn’t want to burden Sam. He doesn’t want to interfere with Sam’s search for Dean. He doesn’t want to take priority over Dean. Yet he still feels the need to help, he can’t not help. He just loves the Winchesters so much that he’s willing to give them all, but not accept anything in return. (via castieltheflyingassbutt)

Cas decided to visit the cemetery in that most formal of suits:


the birthday.

so once i accidentally got on join the PLO website. i am very sure i was being monitored for a while because when i would call someone i would sometimes hear a strange tone. all that stopped the moment i looked up a BDSM A/B/O fanfiction.


"Quick, you need to keep an eye on that potential terrorist!"

"Yes, sir!"

             [THREE MONTHS LATER]

"So, Johnson, you found anything on that user?"

"Well, sir, I’m trying to crack a potential bomb-making code."

"What? Damnit, son, share your information!"

"I’m sorry! I just couldn’t see the connection between what could be explosives described as ‘knots’ and ‘slick,’ but I’m sure that ‘heats’ means ‘detonator’!"

"Dear God. Have they joined any other terrorist organisations?"

"No, sir, but they did read a manual."

"A manual?"

"It was. Disturbing."

"Spit it out, Johnson!"

"The code was spread between writing about males during intense sexual scenes, sir!"

"Jesus Christ, that’s not a terrorist, that’s a fangirl!"

"America’s one true weakness—ABORT MISSION!"

Sweet, baby Jesus, fuck.  This book.  

Goddamn, but I actually really loved it.

It’s the first novel I’ve read to completion in years.  What an excellent welcome back.

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