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things i care about

  • sam winchester
  • sam winchester’s happiness
  • sam winchester’s agency being respected
  • sam winchester’s lil swoops of glamorous hair
  • sam winchester’s emotional pov
  • sam wincheste
  • rsam
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Ok so imagine Sammy finally hitting his growth spurt and inching past Dean in height. And so the first night their dad leaves them alone, Sam uses his new advantage to pin Dean to the floor and rut down on his body. And at first Dean is excited because he’s wanted to fuck his baby brother for years. But when Sam easily twists Dean onto his stomach and rips his jeans down, Dean starts to struggle because no way is he the bottom, he’s older. But Sam doesn’t really care; Sam wants to fuck Dean and Dean can’t stop him.

And Sam wants nothing more than to slide right into his big brother, but Dean is still struggling and his body is tense; his ass is too tight for Sammy to fit his heavy cock in there so he begrudgingly settles for fucking between Dean’s cheeks. Just the feeling of Dean’s wrinkled hole gliding along the underside of Sam’s dick is amazing, and Sam has digs his fingers into Dean’s wrists to keep himself in control.

Dean keeps telling his brother to stop, to let him go and he’ll take care of Sam, he promises, but within minutes he’s angling his hips up, moving in time with Sammy’s thrusts and moaning into the dirty carpet.

Sam smirks into Dean’s neck, uses one leg to spread Dean’s thighs as far as they will go and roughly tugs Dean back so that the tip of his cock prods at Dean’s opening.

"Fuck yourself, Dean. Sit on your little brother’s cock and ride it."

And Dean curses and tries to pull his wrists out of Sam’s grasp, but Sammy just growls and shoves Dean’s face harder into the carpet. And so Dean struggles so more, but in that position - head held down and ass forced up - its only minutes before he accidentally leans back, pressing himself harder against the tip of Sammy’s wet cock.

And they both moan together, and Sam uses Dean’s distraction to tug him back just a little bit more. And just as he’d hoped, Dean’s body follows willingly, and it doesn’t take much effort for Sam to slip inside his brother just the slightest bit.

"C’mon Dean. Just fuck yourself. You know you want to. I know you are a fucking slut. I know you want to ride my cock, big brother. So fucking do it already. Sit on my cock, big brother, you filthy fucking whore."

And Dean does as he’s told; with a rumbling moan and an arched back, he pushes his ass down onto Sam’s dick until it’s fully inside him. And he rocks his hips back and forth, up and down, keeps his legs stretched wide like his little brother wanted him, and rode.

But he still tried to tell Sam to stop. He still told his brother to pull out, to let him go, to stop fucking him.

"Stop? Dean I’m not even moving. You’re the one fucking yourself here, big brother. You’re riding my cock like the slut you are. And you’re asking me to stop? Hah. Don’t pretend you aren’t enjoying it."

And he’s telling the truth and Dean can deny it all he wants. But Sam is doing nothing more than holding Dean down. He isn’t thrusting, rocking, pushing. He’s just hunched over his brother’s back while Dean bounces his ass in Sammy’s crotch.

"You’re cute, though, Dean. Trying to pretend you aren’t this easy. Why don’t you just admit that you’re a whore? C’mon, Dean, tell me how much of a cock slut you are. Tell me how much you like your little brother’s dick up your needy ass."

Dean whimpers and moans, thrusts back harder against his brother. Sam gives one hard thrust and Dean yelps in surprise, and Sam laughs.

"Say it, Dean." Sam’s voice is as rough as his calloused hands.

"I’m a slut."


"And a whore." Dean doesn’t give enough and Sam wants more.

"C’mon Dean, you know what I want to hear. You know what you are. Now fucking say it.”

"I’m a filthy slut for my brother’s cock," Dean shouts and Sam comes, fills Dean up with a heavy load as Dean keeps rocking his tight ass up and down Sam’s twitching cock. And Dean is close, seconds away from coming with nothing but a dick up his ass. But Sammy stops him, wraps his fingers around Dean’s heavy ball sac and tugs sharply, making Dean cry out and shake with need. Sam doesn’t explain though; he rolls them both onto their sides and plays with Dean’s balls, keeping enough pressure that Dean can’t come yet.

"I’m not hearing what I want, Dean. And until you say it, you don’t get to come."

Dean can’t form words for a minute, body still trying to find release and mind still trying to beg its way out of the situation. But then there’s the sound of an old engine revving into the parking lot. And Dean tenses, and Sam can feel his dick getting hard again at the way Dean’s body clenches him. It’s Dad and they both know it. And if Sam didn’t have a heavy arm still holding Dean against him, Dean would have shot up and out of the room. But he tried and he can’t.

"I’ll make you say it in front of him, Dean. I’m not letting go until you say it. And Dad will walk through that door any minute. What? Do you want Daddy to see what a slut you are? Is that it? Want me to make you tell Daddy how much you need my cock, my come? You better beg, Dean. When Daddy walks through that door, you better beg me to make you come."

And Dean is chanting to his brother, no no no, but the words are a whisper, and Dean’s cock still throbs and leaks between his legs. And they Dean’s body is completely bare to see from the front door.

"You whore. You want Daddy to know.”

And footsteps come closer, and keys jingle against metal. And then the doorknob is twisting and the hinges creak as it’s pushed open.

"Fucking beg, slut. Say it."

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*laughs hysterically*

The funny thing is I LOVE Destiel. I think its fucking adorable. It was my first SPN pairing. 

I am just not psychotic about it

And I can totally respect that, even if it’s not the pairing for me.  I can’t stand the IT’S SO CANON OMG tripe, or the insistence that I see left, right, and centre that “even if you don’t ship it, you can’t deny it’s there!”  The scenes used for IT’S SO CANON are so routinely grossly misinterpreted and twisted, I can’t even compute how it comes to one’s mind unless one’s deliberately having a laugh.  

Canonically, it’s plain to see that Dean, Sam, and Cas all care deeply for each other.  That’s canon.  Any interpretation of romantic intent between the three of them (as it currently stands (and likely will for the duration of the show)) is purely fanon.  Just recognise it as such, and keep on sailing happily into that horizon.


Things I’d like to see in Cas & Hannah’s partnership:

  • Cas takes Hannah to burger joints and tells her “these make me very happy” whilst eating burgers
  • Cas introduces Han to the pizza man
  • Cas & Han drinking coffees
  • Cas & Han eating pb&j and talking about molecules

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